Caret Down

Facial Services & Skin Treatments

Visit wendycityfaces for results-oriented treatments!

Taking care of and educating you on your skin care is one of my passions! I have 15 years experience plus my licensed credentials in high-end and pharmaceutical-grade skin care.

I am proud to offer a wide range of facials, medical grade chemical peels using glo therapeutics professional products. This collection of innovative skin care is high performance at a reasonable price point.

In addition to traditional facial treatments, wendycityfaces offers advanced anti-aging treatments with FSD MicroPhototherapy as well as advanced acne treatments with Radiancy’s ClearTouch Light Treatment.

I offer a variety of products which include botanical skin care, sensitive skin care, and anti-aging products, that can be combined specifically for you, in order to achieve your personal skin care goals.

My waxing services are excellent for clients with sensitive skin - virtually pain free hard wax is used.

I look forward to taking care of you!!

Facial Services:

(Plan up to 90 minutes for your facial services)

Basic Facial

Includes a cleanse, steam/enzyme, extractions, massage, mask with acupressure, hand & shoulder massage. $85

Basic Teen Facial

Includes education on how to care for skin. $85

Basic Men's Facial - $75

Express Mini Facial

Includes a basic cleanse, steam, exfoliate, mask & moisturizer. $60

Custom Facial

Depending on client needs, facial will address anti-aging, acne, or moisture renewal/retention. Treatment may include: ultrasound exfoliation with steam and enzymes and a high frequency treatment, plus a glycolic peel, lactic peel or upgraded seaweed mask. a la carte additions available. $105

Facial Add-on Services:

Eye Mask Treatment $25

Upgraded Mask

Seaweed, Dead Sea Mud, Vitamin C, or Eye $15


Physical exfoliation of the face with scalpel that removes fine vellum hair. $85


performed with Dermafiles $25

Skin Rejuvination Facial Packages:

Anti-Aging Facial

Powerful facial packed with vitamin C, and cytolux stem cell serums to combat aging and hyperpigmentation. Includes 2 masks: vitamin C and seaweed. $125

Acne Response Facial

Basic facial with Cleartouch Light Treatment. $85

Cleartouch Light Acne Treatment

Includes cleanse, exfoliations, pulse light treatment, serums and mask. $50*
*For best results & savings, purchase 10 treatments for $450. Package includes a custom facial

FSD (MicroPhototherapy)

FSD creates a natural radiant glow, homogenizes skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, stimulates collagen re-growth, and decreases pore size. $125* (Introductory Trial) *Purchase 8 treatments for $850

Medical Grade Peel Treatment

A customized peel will be determined based on your skin's unique needs. $125/140*
*For best results & savings, purchase a series of 4 treatments for $425.

Airbrush Tanning:

Includes high-grade PH balancing treatment for natural or deep bronze, no-orange color.

Individual Tans $40 Package of 5 tans $150