Oil Control Emulsion moisturizer offers ultra-lightweight hydration that helps balance, purify and mattify oily skin with a blend of humectants, antioxidants and oil-absorbing agents for a shine-free complexion.


Product Features:

- Now With New Microsponge Technology That Mattifies and Reduces Shine

- Recommended for Oily Skin

- Ultra-Light, Oil Controlling, Moisturizer for Use on the Face

- Can be Applied Twice Daily

- Great for Reducing Shine All Over the Face, Especially on the T-Zone

- Includes the Ingredient Abermat That Emulsifies and Absorbs Sebum on the Skin like a Sponge. The

   Result Is a Mattifying Effect That Reduces Shine up to 8 Hours after a Single Application

- Abermat Absorbs Sebum, Not Water. Unlike Other Mattifying Agents, Abermat Is Non-drying and Targets

   Sebum, Allowing for the Epidermis to Not Only Maintain, but Slightly Increase, Its hydration Levels

- A Part of Our Solution for Acne-Prone Skin

Oil Control Emulsion