Happy New Year! It is moisture and mask month at Wendycityfaces!

This year, I encourage you to establish a consistent nighttime routine for radiant skin with improved moisture. Your ideal routine should include a cleanser, toner, upgraded moisturizer, a specialty serum, and an eye care product.

With the dry wind and indoor heat pumping, it is important to stay moisturized this time of year. No matter your skin type, everyone needs a little more in the winter. Start with a cleanser that will not strip moisture from your skin, such as an essential cleansing oil or milky cleanser. These cleansers will remove makeup and soften your skin. It is ideal for dry skin and mature skin, but is beneficial with all skin types. If the idea of using an oil to cleanse makes you nervous, try a hydrating gel cleanser.

Boosting Moisture

Following your cleanser, you should choose a serum to boost moisture. Dry skin will benefit from a creamy serum with peptides and antioxidants. Improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture with a hyaluronic acid, which can be found in many high-quality moisturizing serums. Following your serum, you should use a creamy moisturizer. All skin types will benefit by using a thicker moisturizer in the winter months. A quality moisturizer will not include ingredients like mineral oil, bees wax and paraffin. These ingredients will not molecularly penetrate the skin. They sit on top of the skin and create a barrier between the environment and your skin, but they will not replenish moisture. Creating a barrier during extremely cold weather is important, but should work hand in hand with replenishing the moisture deep into your skin. Ingredients such as algae, seaweed, and hyaluronic acid are indicators that the product will penetrate the skin molecularly.


Winter is also a good time of year to use a mask, once or twice a week, to improve the moisture level of your skin. My favorite for normal or sensitive skin would be a soothing gel mask. This mask is made with Vitamin A and Wild Yam, and penetrates into the skin. Left on for 15 – 20 minutes, you will find that most of the moisture will soak in. Rinse off any excess mask and follow with a moisturizer.

Dry and mature skins need a creamy mask such as a restorative mask. Restorative mask is recommended for extremely dry or mature skin. Its thick creamy texture is loaded with Shea Butter and rich antioxidants which will improve your skin’s strength, resilience and elasticity.

Moisturized skin looks radiant, plumped up, and is smoother to the touch. Moisturizing your skin appropriately alleviates fine lines and wrinkles, leading to younger looking skin. On the contrary, dry skin feels uncomfortable and tends to have a leathery, dull appearance. Skin that is under-moisturized will be tight, which increases the likelihood of acne causing agents to stay within your pores and create more acne.

Pay Attention to your Eyes and Lips!

Don’t forget your lips! Using a Vitamin E stick or Lip Balm will help keep your lips smooth and moisturized. Avoid products with mineral oil and menthol, which will typically make a chapped lip worse.

The skin around your eyes is the one area that has no oil glands, which means that eyes need maximum hydration. Adding your hyaluronic serum or a light weight eye cream with Vitamin K for young skin is helpful. More mature skin needs a richer product. Look for products that will retain the moisture.

Extended Exposure

Another winter tip is to include a barrier balm type product when facing the cold outdoors for extended periods of time. Layering products like Barrier Balm or Aquaphor Ointment over your SPF sunscreen will seal in moisture during extended exposure to cold and wind. The oil in these products is very fine and won’t clog the skin.

A Final Word

Developing an effective skincare routine takes time and effort. The amount of steps and products outlined in this blog may seem daunting. Try to implement one small change each week, and before you know it you will have radiant skin full of moisture! wendycityfaces is a licensed gloTherapeutics retailer. If you would like assistance with choosing the best products for your face or implementing a routine that works well for you, feel free to contact wendycityfaces to schedule a facial and skin consultation.