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Wedding/Bridal Makeup Artist

Oak Brook, IL

wendycityfaces is a licensed wedding/bridal makeup artist for Oak Brook, IL. With more than 25 years of skill with makeup and 15 in skin care, owner Wendy Woodside brings out your greatest beauty so that you look and feel perfect for your big day, event or Fashionpresentation. Wendy specializes in helping women of all ages, skin types and ethnicities achieve their greatest glow.

You’ll feel gorgeous with professional Oak Brook wedding-makeup artistry provided either on-site or at Wendy’s warm, inviting studio. Her renowned creativity allows for any appearance you desire.

Always cheerful and outgoing, Wendy helps “real” clients achieve a polished, natural look. Celebrate an enhanced version of you with spa treatments perfected by fresh makeup that’s classic, glamorous and defined.

Oak Brook, IL Wedding/Bridal Makeup Artist

wendycityfaces is the Oak Brook bridal makeup artist with an instinct for what you want and need. Wendy will show you how attractive you can be while helping you with warmly and honestly. As your Oak Brook wedding makeup artist, she will make you feel confident and beautiful when it matters most to you.

Wendy has a fine-arts background with extensive training and education in makeup and costume design, including experience in professional theater and Fashiontelevision.

She’s also known for her light touch in bringing out natural beauty for all ages, skin types and ethnicities, including for Asian and African American women.

If you either don’t like makeup or aren’t used to having it put on you, no worry - Wendy is adept at making clients like you comfortable and ultimately pleased with the outcome.

Multiple celebrities have looked their best because of her work. Her clients have included John Malkovich, Jim Belushi and Deborah Norville, as well as The Oprah Winfrey Show, FOX News, CBS and ABC. She has been in demand for conventions, fashion shows and print ads as well.

Contact Wendy today at (630) 404-4779 to begin your Oak Brook wedding/bridal makeup consultation. Wendy can serve you either on location or at her own warm and inviting spa studio.

Full-day service for both local and destination weddings is available. Wendy also works and maintains relationships with top national wedding photographers.

Oak Brook, IL Spa Services

For your big day, event or presentation, having healthy skin is just as important as wearing perfect makeup. With licensed credentials in pharmaceutical-grade skin care, wendycityfaces provides Oak Brook spa services that ensure your skin is ready and glowing when it’s time for your makeup.

wendycityfaces’ spa services for Oak Brook, IL include customized facials, full-body & personal waxing, brow shaping and chemical peels. She also carries a full line of high-end therapeutic products.

Plus, you have an exciting choice of how you enjoy your Oak Brook spa services. In addition to treatments at her own spa studio, wendycityfaces offers on-location Oak Brook spa services, spa parties, and private skin & makeup lessons. Mobile Oak Brook spa treatments for groups are available as well.

When you choose Wendy for your Oak Brook, IL spa services, you select a seasoned professional with vast experience treating skin at well-known spas such as Zazu and Mario Tricoci.

Begin pampering your skin today with specialized Oak Brook, IL spa services! Contact Wendy today at (630) 404-4779 to make your skin glow both with and without makeup.

After all, having healthy skin isn’t only about beauty - it’s also a major component of your personal health and wellness program!

wendycityfaces also offers professional training for beauty salons and makeup services for Fashionmedia & corporate executives.

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